An amazing opportunity to meet metal legends, the Melvins! While in town for two back to back shows at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Tara McPherson and the Cotton Candy Machine hosted this truly unforgettable event! Signing Event Tuesday June 7th, 2011
Shirts and Destroy: The Exquisite Corpse, is a collaborative art spectacle executed by 6 of Brooklyn’s finest. Daniel Albrigo, Thomas Hooper, Anthony Pontius, Seldon Hunt, Ryan Begley and David Cook have created 12 collaborative pieces unlike any you or even they have ever seen! The “Exquisite Corpse” concept is a term coined often associated with the Surrealist movement in the 20’s, but is a universal collaborative process that you yourself have probably done without even knowing it. If you’ve ever passed a silly doodle back and forth amongst your friends while bored in class, you’ve created an Exquisite Corpse. Conduit Media was lucky enough to have the privlege of following these 6 artists through their process and documented the whole project to be unveiled on September 9th, 2011 exclusively at the Cotton Candy Machine Boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in a Shirts and Destroy show where the 12 completed pieces will be displayed along side a slew of original works the artists independently created. It was truly a unique work of passion and unwavering comradery. Conduit Media in conjunction with Shirts and Destroy and Cotton Candy Machine invite you to experience this unique collective vision in Shirts and Destroy’s, Exquisite Corpse.
On Saturday May 28th, 2011 Cotton Candy Machine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn hosted Miss Van, who needs no introduction as a fine painter and street artist. She appeared to sign copies of her recently released Twinkles and Atame. A truly memorable event held in conjunction with her spectacular solo show "Bailarinas" at Jonathan Levine Gallery.
The first in a series of Rock Poster Exhibitions at the Cotton Candy Machine! Artist brought Rock Posters and Art Prints from their personal collection. Expect everything from super new to super rare, provided by: Leia Bell Brian Ewing Michael Motorcycle Little Friends of Printmaking Jermaine Rogers Jay Ryan A huge thank you to the, Melvins for letting us use "Revolve" from Stoner Witch; what a privilege!
Jonathan Levine Gallery presents 3 solo exhibitions featuring: - Miss Van: Ballarinas - Mario Martinez (Mars-1): Afterglow - Gaia: Succession We had the pleasure of covering the exhibition opening on May 26th and were lucky enough have a conversation with, Miss Van about some of the origins of her imagery and got to discuss with Gaia his installation and the historical significance behind the Raven imagery placed on the Edgar Allen Poe projects in Baltimore. Jonathan Levine Gallery 529 West 20th Street New York, NY 10011
Buff Monster and Jeremeyville show you how fine art can spring out of the flatness of cartoon imagery, drawing on and distorting classic American and Japanese pop iconography for fantastic effects. The two artists, whose work has appeared everywhere from the walls of your city to the Chuck Taylors beating your streets, appeared together at this exciting exhibition at Brooklyn's Cotton Candy Machine.